The company

Tamarind Foods is a Belgian corporate catering company established in 2006.

Over the years Tamarind Foods has acquired a solid reputation for producing quality products and has become one of Brussels’ top corporate catering companies as well as one of Belgium’s leading ultra-fresh food-on- the-go suppliers.

At Tamarind Foods, we are passionate about food and about providing the best service to our customers. This is why we regularly team up with great international Chefs to make sure that we keep up with the latest food trends and offer you delicious recipes.

Products and markets

Tamarind Foods offers an extensive range of products focused on fresh, tasty and quality ingredients.

Our business lunch offer has been developed for the specific needs of organisations and companies.

Everything has been done to make the ordering and delivery process as simple and stress free as possible.  Once orders have been confirmed by us, you can rest assured that your order will be delivered on time and to your specifications so that you can concentrate on your core business and not worry about your lunch. The food is delivered to you in refrigerated vans and is packed in recyclable/recycled packaging to guaranteed hygiene and minimize our carbon footprint.

In addition to corporate catering, Tamarind Foods has a great experience in the retail, aviation and high-speed train sectors.

We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and to create tailor made solutions that take into account all the regulations and requirements of their sector.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to know the full extent of our offer.

Food Safety

Safe food production is a major priority

and is enforced by the strict adherence to regulatory standards with a bespoke product traceability and quality auditing system.

We have a dedicated team with an uncompromising commitment to quality, hygiene, health and safety issues and continual product and service development.

Tamarind Foods seeks to maintain the full support of its staff and to share its corporate vision and common values with them in a framework that respects everyone’s role. In doing this, our primary objective is the satisfaction of our customers  and consumers and the preserving of  our integrity and honesty in our dealings with them. The cohesion and continuous improvement of our staff is further reinforced through regular awareness and training programmes.

We are regularly audited by the Food Safety and Hygiene Agency (AFSCA) and are duly certified.

We have the following certificates:

  • ACS

We want to offer you healthy food. This is why our nutritionists, R&D and Quality teams constantly scrutinize the composition of the products in order to reduce the content of sugar, salt, processed fats and additives, without making any compromises on the taste.

General Facilities

Our production unit is located in Zaventem (near Brussels and the national airport).

We have come a long way from our humble beginnings in 2006, when we worked in the basement of the founder’s home, to our current facilities of over 3,000m² (production and storage areas, vegetable preparation area, product development kitchen).

Our Team

We have a dynamic and dedicated team

of over 60 people coming from a wide variety of countries.

The composition of our team reflects our idea of how great food is created: Where each ingredient is essential and contributes through its diversity and complementarity to the success of the dish.

Respect, passion and team work are key values of our company.


Ever conscious of our role in contributing to a better environment

and of our customers' concerns for more sustainable products, we have the objective of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 15% by 2030.

To reach this goal, every little gesture counts, such as:

  • our dynamic packaging policy that gives maximum priority to recycled, recyclable, compostable and renewable materials
  • optimised use of energy
  • optimised waste sorting and recycling  
  • working with suppliers who are also committed to reducing their environmental impact